CADAC Safari Chef 2

If you’ve ever been on a campsite anywhere in Europe you’re certain to have seen a CADAC. They are so versatile, easy to use and clean, that they have made their way into most peoples must have list.

The only issue with the full size CADAC is their size and weight, although when you get on a site and get it all set up it’s great, sometimes the logistics of getting it there and finding a space in the boot of your car to transport it can be tricky.

To help solve this problem CADAC have come up with the CADAC Safari Chef. It’s small enough to be portable, although I possiblly wouldn’t take it on a hiking trip, but big enough, with a little care to be suitable for a family of four.

If you do decide to buy one make sure you pick the one most suitable for you, as they come in HP (High pressure) and LP (Low pressure) models

For more information please click the link below

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