N-Lock handlebar bike lock

N-Lock have taken a new and creative approach to keeping your bike safe and reducing the space it takes up. They have created a handlebar bike lock that when the lock is activated the handlebars can rotate up to 180 degrees without the front wheel turning. Not only does activating the lock make the bike near impossible to ride, but it means you can easily turn the handle bars to improve storage when putting your bike on the back your car.

As a cyclist who gets frustrated with the need to carry locks to secure a bike, the idea of the lock always being on the bike and not taking up any unnecessary space seems an excellent solution, on top of this there is also an option to have an integrated cable lock that goes inside n-lock handlebars.

The lock appears well made and would certainly reduce the amount of space you need to store or transport a bike, but with a starting price of £91.29 it’s not the cheapest option and you may also want to buy the optional n-lock cable lock as some insurance policies require your bike to be locked to an immovable object. Either way if you are carrying 4 mountain bikes on the roof of your car or on the back of your camper it should help with the challenge handlebars present.

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