Quick fix mouldable glue

Sugru – Mouldable Glue

Sugru – Mouldable Glue

If you ever go touring then you can also certainly expect something to need repairing and if gaffer tape won’t fix it them perhaps Sugru mouldable glue may.

Sugru is mouldable glue that can be used to stick, patch or glue a whole range of things together. It comes in small sachets, once you open them you find a small amount of what seems like plasticine. But this stuff is really clever, you have 30 minutes to mould it in to the shape you want or push it in to the crack or gap you are trying to fill and in 24 hours the Surge has set.

I’ve used it to fix a range of items from glasses nose cushions that have fallen off to covering sharp corners on long vehicle reflective plates. Sugru’s website shows a whole host of different ways of using it.

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