Saving money on a caravan holiday

I’m not sure when I realised how crazy it was to be using the caravan’s gas to cook by when we’d paid for an electric hook up but once I’d noticed it, I knew that there had to be a better option.

It turns out that in a lot of modern campers and caravans you get 3 gas hob rings and one electric ring, but even then, the electric ring is often quite small.

I could say I wanted to stop using the gas because it wasn’t the greenest of options. The government has apparently said by 2050 gas cookers and boilers will be banned, but the truth was I couldn’t see the point in paying twice for the energy, pay for the electric but use the gas!

The solution

The solution was obvious, a portable electric ring. 

Initially I was drawn to an induction hob, easy to clean, powerful, energy efficient and a “good-looking” gadget (ok I may have over egged it a bit with “good-looking”), but this type of ring can require specific types of pans and because they are made of glass they aren’t always they most robust item to have in a caravan. On top of this they can also draw a lot of power.

More power or not

Dependant on where you plan touring, the drawing of power can be a major issue. In the UK most of the large campsites provide loads of power to the pitch (why do I sense I’m going to get comments about the technical term “loads of power”), if however you are in some parts of France or Spain, the power to the pitch is considerably less so you might find the circuit breaker tripping a lot if you go for anything too powerful.

Kampa single 1000w electric hob

After searching the internet, I went for a Kampa single 1000w electric hob. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t something you’re going to ask your friends round to be impressed by, if you are after a quick cuppa you’re going to be in for a wait as it takes a few minutes to heat up, but if you are after a simple easy to use electric hob, that’s unlikely to trip your electric, isn’t going to crack, and doesn’t come with a huge instruction manual then this is your hob. Expect to pay between £20 to £25.

The hob does come with a thermostatic control, and a light to show when it’s heating up.

Changing meals

The new hob was life changing, ok I exaggerate, but it did change the types of meals we had, where as previously it had been quick intense heat, we now had controllable lower free (ish) heat, this meant homemade soups and slow cooked meals were on the list, and the electric was already covered in the price of the hook up.

More information

If you are after more information, please click the link below that will take you to the Kampa website

Kampa single electric hob
Kampa Single Electric Hob

or if you fancy a bit more flexibility how about a double hob

Kampa double electric hob
Kampa Double Electric Hob

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