Hitch Locks and Wheel clamps

How to protect what you have?

Securing what you value has always been a dilemma. The more you have the more you want to secure and protect it. The challenge is that sometimes the protection can get in the way of using the item. This could be carrying a bike lock to increase the chance of your bike being where you left it, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to lean your bike up outside a shop and not have to bother locking it.

It could be the wonderful world of passwords that we now have to remember in order to access anything we value online. Although there are some excellent password manger systems to help with this.

Or as in the case of this article it could be the challenge of how to increase the chance of your caravan remaining where you parked it.

Caravan security comes in so many forms, alarms, tagging devices, hitch locks, wheel locks, and even leg locks. You can also get door handles that lock against the door reducing the chance of the door being prised open. But every time you increase your visible security are you just informing everyone that you have more to protect and as such should you protect it even more arrrgggghhhh!!.

Then of course we have insurance, just in case what we have spent so much time and money protecting is stolen, damaged or lost. 

I’m not suggesting that I have an answer to all or any of these challenges, but I do know I bought a Milenco hitch and wheel lock to help protect my caravan, and that’s what this article is about.


To quote the Milenco’s website, they are, “Europe’s leading manufacturer of award-winning caravan products”. The company was founded in 1993 with the aim of being the best producer of wheel camps in the world and all their wheel clamps and hitch locks are made in Milton Keynes in the UK.  Based on that I made a pretty safe bet that they should be able to help with my caravan security.

My biggest challenges were that weight and space was at a premium so I didn’t want anything too large or too heavy, but I wanted to protect the hitch, so the caravan couldn’t be towed off, and a wheel clamp to ensure that if the hitch lock was defeated that the caravan would still remain in place. 

Hitch Locks

Fortunately Milenco sell a hitch lock which for me was perfect, it was easy to fit, wasn’t too big or too heavy and secured the hitch, dare I say for me it was the Goldilocks of hitch locks. The lock has won numerous awards and with it coming in bright yellow it had a good visible deterrent level. 

Wheel Clamps

The wheel clamp was trickier to decide on, there are just so many different versions, but sticking to my remit of being minimal on size and weight, but good on security, the aptly named Milenco Compact C Wheel which was perfect for my requirements. Its light, (light for secure wheel clamps) has won a host of different awards. Milenco also states this lock will fit all Alko and BPW chassis (all UK sold caravans for the past 20 years) and all alloy and steel wheels, and it fitted mine perfectly.

It’s quick to fit, easy to store, and does the job.

One thing to bear in mind with the Compact C wheel clamp is to fit it you must hook it through your chassis and then through your wheel. For me this does mean I have to lie on the floor to fit it, I know what a terrible hardship, but if getting up and down from the floor is an issue, this is something to consider. For me the size and weight benefit of this clamp outweighs the 30 seconds of having to pop a tarp on the floor and put the clamp on the caravan. But if this is a problem for you Milenco sell a host of other clamps.

In summary has this hitch and clamp solved the world wide issue of security, possibly not, but it has made me a lot more comfortable with my caravan’s security, and if I was to ever buy a hitch or clamp again these would certainly be at the top of my list.

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