Car sun blinds

Back seat glare

Anyone who travels in the back of a car and wants to view a tv or tablet screen will know that glare can be a real problem. If you have young children who are trying to sleep you’ll recognise the problem of the sun keeping them awake as it streams through the back and side windows.

If you go to almost any car accessory shop you’ll find a selection of different sun shades, some that use suckers to stick the screens on, some that are like a sock over the windows,  some cars come with privacy glass, some come with doors that have inbuilt roller screens, there are so many solutions, all coming with their own pros and cons but the sun shades I purchased were from company called

Car shades

Car Shades are different in that they are custom made to fit each make and model of car. They sell shades for just the rear passenger windows or for all the windows in the back of the car.

Fitting the shades

Fitting them to my estate car was really simple, the quickest shades to fit were the 2 shades on the side windows covering the boot. These were the easiest as they just popped in, no clips. The rear windscreen was next, a couple of clips and that was done. Next were the rear passenger windows, these required a couple of clips on each window seal and the shades were in.

All this is great, but the really good thing is that I never bother taking the rear passenger clips out, so I can now pop the rear shades in and out in seconds.

As my kids are now a bit older, I’ve shown them the technique for getting the shades in and out so they can choose if they want the shade in or out on their side of the car. This way they can take the shade out part of the way through the journey if they so choose.

It’s worth mentioning, it’s only as my kids have become a lot older that they can now fit and remove the shades, as the shades fit tightly to the window and cant ordinally be just pulled out without knowing the “special” technique.

During the summer the shades can also act a fly screen as they can be in place with the window open and the flies stay out.

Now don’t get me wrong these shades may cost a little bit more than some other shades on the market, but they are fitted, they look like they are made for your car (which they are), and they don’t prevent you from opening the rear windows when the shades are in place.


For me they have been a great buy. I guess I would say that as apart from the rear passenger ones, the shades have remained in place since the first time I fitted them, and that was in April 2016, I say apart from the rear passenger ones, as we take them in and out as we need them.

If you are interested in finding out more, please visit click the link below

By the way thanks to for letting me use some of their images.

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