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Luggage Scales

We’ve all done it, standing on the bathroom scales holding a suitcase to try and work out if your bag is under the flight baggage limit. The balancing of a suitcase on a set of bathroom scales doesn’t always feel the most scientific way to get an accurate reading but it sure beats the frustration and cost of checking in an overweight bag or the frustration of not packing something and finding you were 4kg under the weight limit. But how can you make the most of your luggage allowance?

Duronic have come up with a small easy to use gadget, the Duronic luggage scale. It’s a weighing device that’s easy to use, you simply turn the scales on, loop a webbed strap through the handle of your case and lift the case. The scales then display how heavy the case is, simple yet very effective. The scales are also small enough and light enough to take on holiday with you, wait for it it’s not as daft as it sounds. Taking them with you on holiday means you can check the case weight before flying back in case you have done a bit of retail therapy whilst away. 

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Duronic luggage scales

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